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    Zhangjiajie, China (by rastaschas)

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    Svalbard_2012_07_26_497 (by Pep Prats)

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    Golden curves

    The curving sands in central northern Iran’s salt desert, Dasht-e Kavir, can be seen in this image from the Ikonos-2 satellite. Here, clays and sand soils have a high surface salt content owing to the concentration of minerals from high summer evaporation.

    Iran is one of the world’s most important mineral producers. Earth-observing satellites are useful for finding and monitoring natural resources like minerals.

    Image credit: European Space Imaging (EUSI)

    (Source: spaceinimages.esa.int)

  6. WP, AZ by kevinrussmobile on Flickr.

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    Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest (by CIFOR)

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    Newspaper rock, UT USA

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    Decent day at Grand Canyon. Worth a look.